Immersion Academy’s residential programs create an authentic environment where individuals practice and develop their language skills with international peers and native speakers in an immersive environment.

Our mission is to support the development of individuals as creative, critical, and cosmopolitan thinkers and contribute to the establishment of a transnational attitude toward problem solving and personal and community development.

Our immersion language and leadership programs strive towards our team’s shared goal to build communities of empowered individuals who use language to access information and communicate with people outside of their country. They are motivated to be lifelong learners, to reflect on their position in the world and act as agents of change through both individual and collective action.


What problem do we try to solve?

We aim to address the lack of innovation in foreign language teaching, whereby instead of developing their communication skills and learning how to use the new language on a daily basis to forward their personal goals, language learners are solely taught grammar and drilled on vocabulary.

How do we solve it?

We bring together language learners and native speakers in an environment where they engage in dialogue and cultural exchange 24/7. Our programs allow students to immerse themselves in the new language in an authentic environment where they get to practice the language in a variety of real-life contexts on a daily basis. They receive exposure to various ways of speaking, learn about the cultures where the language is spoken and learn effective strategies to navigate language-related difficulties.

What will the industry lose if we disappear?

We don’t eliminate the need for more traditional language schools which teach the foundations of foreign language grammar and vocabulary. Yet, our services are critical to providing learners with opportunities for full immersion in a foreign language outside of the country where the language is spoken, at a cheaper price and with the support and guidance of native speakers who want them to succeed. Without us the industry will continue to provide language instruction that do not prepare learners to effectively communicate with native speakers and successfully navigate cosmopolitan environments.

Who are our clients?

Our clients are Bulgarian and international adults or youth who want to learn and practice a foreign language in an immersive environment with international peers and native speaker facilitators. They love the nature, want to discover other cultures and peoples and are mindful about cost.

You are new. What evidence do you have that your solution will succeed?

Our approach is inspired by Middlebury’s summer language schools, founded a 100 years ago. We have experienced it first hand and have studied the academic research deeming immersion programs to be most effective in developing communication skills. Our solution is informed by the needs of our target.