Emine Geroyska: “What matters to me and why?” (essay contest winner)

Емине Геройска е един от петима победители в конкурса на Immersion Academy Bulgaria за есе на английски и участник в 24/7 Summer English Immersion Academy на пълна стипендия.

Emine is a 20-year old student of English Philology at South-West University “Neofit Rilski”, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. Emine enjoys learning languages and has studied Philology for the past four years. She hopes to graduate and find a job working with children, but before that wants to work abroad for some time.

What matters to me and why?

Who am I? There is no person in this world who has not asked himself this question. From our birth on, we have the privilege to own a whole life in our hands and to rule it on our way. Our first breaths, steps, words have distinguished us as separate individuals, who all have distinct views, perceptions and moralities. Many different things lead us in life and these things are our priorities and values. In the childhood human priorities are mostly related to the growing up and turning from carefree kids to responsible intelligent beings.  Yet the situation is being changed after five, ten or twenty years, when we grow up. The priorities are exactly what define our goals and the ways of achieving them. They help us to give answers to the questions: “What do I want to be?”, “Where do I come from?”,  “Where do I want to go?” and “How do I get there?”

At this stage of my life what matters most to me is freedom. This is not only about the freedom of my body, because even a person who has chains on his hands and feet could be freer than you if your mind is confined. It is about the freedom in the meaning of how to be myself, where or with whom I want to be, what I want to do with my life. I wish I had the right to be admitted as I am, with my character, feelings, flaws, whatever they are, because that is a fact – everybody has their flaws, nobody is perfect, but in all of us there is potential and you should just find and respect it. Tolerance is what lacks nowadays. You could immediately realize that if you go out on the street and see some people (fat, blind, crippled, minorities, etc.) who are being insulted and abused for what their condition or outlook is. It seems they don’t have the right to feel comfortable in their own skin, and that is the killer of their happiness. Even more, the contempt that you show to them does not make you more independent. There is a quotation by Abraham Lincoln that supports my words: ‘Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.’

This freedom, as I understand it, also means love – the feeling that can make you laugh and create, make you reach out to a stranger when he needs it, make you smile to an orphan or to the wind just for the reason that it is in the air. The love is what makes you stronger, more confident and really kind person. It makes you give anything you have without hesitation and want nothing in return. Many people consider that as a childish, silly, and even foolish act but this is actually a sign of love, which is one of the most important things in our life. This love, as we know it, is something that we feel for our husband or wife, our children or parents, but this is not the only kind of love. You should bring it in your soul even in the smallest actions in your everyday life because that is what brings you freedom. It lets you walk with your head held high, removes the burden of the material things and the monotonous daily routine, and allows you to go ahead.

One more thing that is in close relation with freedom and love and has a significant meaning in my life is faith. It is a part of my personality that connects me inseparably to my dearest people and my picture of world. Everyone has different things that matter to them and in my mind they are hope, love, sincerity, tolerance, goodness – simple things, which can bring peace in your soul. I believe that these things may keep my heart opened for other people. I believe that in order to be a worthy man, you should respect the worth and rights of the others. When you trust people, you have a chance to find good friends, kindness, and responsiveness anytime you need. They could share your goals, ideas and life paths, give a sense to you for living or cure your heart of jealously and malice. I have faith that I am going to meet a lot of outstretched arms and reach out my hand to many people in need while I am alive, and this faith is what holds me here in the world.
In our handful of life we have to save meaningful things and to put aside negligible ones, which we are not going to carry to the grave. If you already have asked yourself what really matters to you, then you are on the way to improving yourself, and that is a requirement which would make your life better.

Маги Назер е изпълнителен директор и създател на Immersion Language&Leadership Academy. След като завършва НГДЕК, Маги продължава образованието си на пълна стипендия в четвъртия най-добър колеж в САЩ: Middlebury College, където учи Социология и Арабски. Тя е опитен социален предприемач с мечта да направи образователните възможности, които са й били предоставени, достъпни за възможно най-голям брой млади хора. Можете да се свържете с Маги на maggie@immersion.bg

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